We are a training and consulting firm for the petroleum industry with emphasis on petrophysical training and analysis

We offer top notch petrophysical training ranging from Practical, advanced and unconventional Petrophysics. We can also do training tailored towards your specific industry needs. We do petrophysical software training on selected software’s.

The curriculum for the Practical Ross Crain Petrophysics course includes,

  • The definition of Petrophysics
  • Tool theory
  • Radioactive Sands
  • Shaly sand equations
  • Gas sands
  • Computation of the rock and fluid properties in the reservoir.
  • Laminated reservoirs
  • Carbonate reservoirs
  • Fractured reservoirs.

The curriculum for the advanced Ross Crain petrophysical course includes,

  • Cement log evaluation
  • Mechanical properties and computation of closure stress
  • Dipmeter and Image logs

The advanced module can be tailored to your company needs and other courses like cased hole logs, production logs, seismic petrophysics, ancient logs can be taught in the course

The curriculum for the unconventional Ross Crain  Petrophysics course includes;

  • Gas shale and oil shale analysis
  • Tight oil and tight gas analysis
  • Gas hydrates
  • Coal bed methane
  • Potash analysis

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