Some of our integrated petrophysical services

  • Data inventory and clean up.
  • Log editing, reconstruction and correction
  • Core – log calibration (Whole core, cuttings, well tests and RFT calibration)
  • Clean sand analysis using Archie equation
  • Shaly sand analysis using Waxman Smit, Simandeux or any of the numerous shaly sand equation.
  • Thin bed analysis
  • Resistivity correction
  • Computation of geomechanical properties and closure stress in the well.
  • Carbonate and fractured reservoir evaluation .
  • Unconventional reservoir evaluation
  • Geomodeling
  • Determination of contacts or multiple contacts using logs, formation test pressures and analogs.
  • Isopach and pay maps
  • Uncertainty analysis on the rock and fluid properties yielding the minimum., maximum and base values.

We offer top notch petrophysical training ranging from Practical, advanced and unconventional Petrophysics

We can also do training tailored towards your specific industry needs. We do petrophysical software training on selected softwares.

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