05 Aug 2022

Practical Petrophysics Course November 2022

  • Practical Petrophysics Course
    November 21, 2022 - November 25, 2022
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Practical Ross Crain course curriculum includes both conventional and unconventional petrophysics.

Petrophysical software and excel will be utilized for the exercises. The course aims to enhance the theoretical and analytic skills of the participants in clastic, carbonate and unconventional reservoirs.

Some of the topics covered would include

  • The definition of Petrophysics,
  • tool theory,
  • Radioactive Sands,
  • Shaly sand equations,
  • Gas sands,
  • computation of the rock and fluid properties in the reservoir.
  • Laminated reservoirs.
  • Carbonate reservoirs.
  •  and Fractured reservoirs.

We shall also cover topics in unconventional reservoirs like Shale Gas, Shale Oil, Tar Sands and Tight Gas reservoirs.

There would be practical exercises using petrophysical software so that the participants can be comfortable with petrophysics’ theoretical and analytical aspects.